Line fishing at Kudle beach, Gokarna

These images were taken at Kudle beach in Gokarna in N. Karnataka. These men are employing a form of fishing called ‘yeluballe’ in Kannada (the local language spoken in Karnataka). This literally translates to pulling the net. The boat carries the net out into sea while two sets of fishermen hold either end of it, forming a semi circular arc that they gradually pull ashore over the course of a few hours. Once the catch is pulled in, the beach becomes a hive of activity. The first to arrive on the scene are the animals - kites and crows sense an easy meal and start hovering overhead, occasionally swooping down to scoop up a fish or two in their beak. The dogs are attracted by sheer curiosity, they don’t eat fish but I did catch one of them existentially staring at a jellyfish. Once the fishermen start segregating the different kinds of fish, customers arrive for fresh catch - these are inevitably people known to the fishermen and they buy in small quantities to run their household for a day or two. Soon, the fishermen start to pack the fish in preparation for a trip to the local market. Line fishing is a sustenance form of fishing, the yield is not great but it’s enough for these fishermen to take home some fresh fish and a bit of spending money.