Pet portrait booth

Pet portrait booth is a contemporary pet portraiture service based in Bangalore. It is a collaboration between me and Samyukta Lakshmi - an experienced documentary photographer and animal lover. 

Pet portrait booth operates a mobile studio that can be set up in the client's home or any other indoor environment with a 8 x 8 feet of empty space. Once the animal has had the chance to get comfortable in this surrounding, Samyukta and I capture each sitter's unique character.

For further details, please write to us a petstudiobooth@gmail.com or call us at +91 8971446867

Actor headshots

I was commissioned by an actor to do a couple of portrait sessions for building a portfolio of headshots. We decided to do a variety of lighting situations to create different moods. It was fascinating watching an actor emote for the camera and being part of their process.

Caravan Magazine, May - 2019.

Renaissance men - The orators helping Kerala fight against religious revivalism’

Portrait work in the May issue of The Caravan magazine. I photographed orators Sunny Kapikad and Sunil Elayidom - they are speaking out against religious revivalism in Kerala. Champions of the marginalised and advocates of renaissance values , Their speeches in the aftermath of the Sabarimala issue have reached lakhs of people in India and abroad via YouTube.

Portrait assignment for Time Magazine

Bindu A and K Kanakadurga became the first women to officially enter the Sabarimala shrine after the Supreme Court Verdict in September, overturning the long-standing ban on women of “mensturating age” entering the temple. After their incredibly courageous act, they were forced to go into hiding to escape the ire of right- wing extremist groups . I made this portrait of the incredible duo for Time magazine.